Carlton Comedy Club

Carlton Comedy Club

See you there guys!! The 2013 MICF is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to return to your boring comedy free lives. Is there a laughter sized hole in your life? Up-and-coming Melbourne comedians will perform their best 5 minute spots. Clyde Hotel, 385 Cardigan Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 8:30 pm, Tuesday 21 May [...]

Free Hugs!!!/thebendle — at Bendle  

Getting Started…!!

So you think you can dance?  Are you ready to dance with the devil? Well, your friends say your funny, and you think you are funny, or maybe you just think you can be funny, or that guy at the comedy fest really wasn’t that funny, I’m funnier than him. But how do I start?  [...]

6 months in….

  So it’s about 6 months since I started doing standup in Melbourne. Here’s a re-cap for those of you who missed the previous episode: I’ve done maybe 20 spots in that time; I’m now starting to get fairly regular spots or other events/competitions so most weeks I have something on or something I need [...]

Bendle Blog

Greetings! Hey guys and gals, I’m going to start a blog about starting out as a comic in Melbourne and about the Melbourne Comedy Scene. Hopefully I can help other people starting out by providing some insight into starting out and also help punters find out where to see some comedy when it is not [...]


    Guys I am MC’ing this Burger Competition at the B.East, you should:     1. register and eat like a man on death row; or     2. come along for some Burgers, Beers and Bendle!


  Nailed it!! Best gig yet!! Thanks for coming Rob K, Waz, Roebuck, Hughy Mc, Amanda, Pip   et al!!  Legends!  Amazing audience 60-70 peeps crammed in, awesome comics on the night too.

Wow, tough crowd!!

    Windiest night in Melb’s in like eva’!! Tough crowd, 2nd last on, tired, tough crowd, you’ve gotta love this to be doing it!! Tough Vespa ride home in the wind….very European!!

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